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Maintenance and Child Support

Divorce does not end with the end of a marriage, especially in the cases where children born out of such marriage are involved. Parents are responsible to take care of the financial and emotional needs of the child even after separation. In the case the child stays with the mother after the divorce, the mother can claim child maintenance from the father.

The wife can file a petition for maintenance against the husband by consulting a divorce lawyer in India to claim maintenance for herself as well as child support. Simply, a husband is liable to pay child maintenance after divorce until the time the child is studying and is not qualified to earn.

Child Maintenance After Divorce

A wife can claim maintenance from her husband after divorce, not only for herself but also for her child (children) if she is unable to sustain herself and her child financially.

Laws Relating To Child Support and Maintenance

The provision for child maintenance is laid down under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code which requires the father to provide maintenance to the wife, children and his parents.

Claim maintenance and Child Support under Section 125 of CrPC. The wife can ask the husband to pay child support after divorce by filing a petition under the laws in the family court which has jurisdiction over the area where she and her children reside.

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