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Real Estate

Most of the time NRIs are not aware of their rights which they can legally enforce in matters related to real estate, transfer of property, transfer rights of property. Our inhouse lawyers help in finding real estate related challenges and provide systematic legal guidance strategizing and resolving complicated legal disputes.

We have served many Indians living in the Europe, USA, Canada, Africa and Middle East by advising them on the complexities and consequences of legal matters.

What We Do?

  • Obtaining and verification of current ownership records and conducting Title Search.
  • Complete assistance in separation of client’s share in a jointly owned property.
  • Transferring and mutating ownership rights of the property.
  • Settling of claims against developers in consumer court/RERA.
  • Solutions related to buying & selling of real estate assets.
  • Repatriation of funds and the sale of Indian assets.
  • Eviction of hostile tenant and landlord tenant agreement.
  • Assessment and legal remedies in tax related matters.
Our lawyers assist with wide range of legal issues that NRIs may face including real estate, transfer of property, transfer rights of property and related matters. We offer specialized service with the aim to make it easier for expats to settle in India.

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