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Legal Procedure of Name Change

A change of name in India is mostly preferred by women after their marriage because of marital reasons. Otherwise, it is not a common phenomenon of changing name in India especially.

What does name change mean?

A name change refers to the legal process of changing one’s name, which will be different from the person’s birth, marriage or adoption name. It is important to note that a name change has legal effect, and once a person undergoes a name change, the new name becomes that person’s legal and only name. A person should carefully consider what the name change is going to be before opting for a name change in India and not wanting.

How Is A Name Change Possible?

Submission of an Affidavit,
Newspaper Publication,
Gazette Notification.

The Lawgical Alliance provides you the simplest service for change of name in India and the Gazette publication.

All you need to do is just provide details including your old name, new name, permanent residential address, ID proof document, photographs, etc. We will complete the remaining tasks involved in name change procedure on your behalf which includes creating an affidavit for name change, placing newspaper advertisement and submitting papers for Gazette notification.

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